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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

CA Health Reform-A Challenge for Other States

Contrary to what one may think and/or those who are mislead by the Tricks Posed by Big Business, the Federal Health Care Reform Bill was a significant start for Equitable and Fair Health Insurance.

OR do I need to remind everyone that the first Quarter of 2010 it was reported that 1)Health Insurance Companies had there HIGHEST Income; 2)At the same time supplied the LOWEST amount of Services.

The Health Care Reform Bill is yes 2700 pages, and even then, it was admitted not all concerns had been addressed. Compare those who want to disband this Reform Bill, and unfortunately, to date I have seen only a 17 page outline. Not to mention there were two pages of what was wrong with the current Health Care Reform.

These are indeed "Hard Economic Times", but we, as individuals must make a decision, Choose one 1)Policies for us Common Folk OR 2)Policies for Big Business???

So here is Today's Email in CA:


Dear Charles Ferrari,


Thank you for your continued calls and support! So far we've generated more than 4,000 calls all across the State to the legislature this week alone!

And they're definitely paying off!

Yesterday, the Senate passed key state implementation bills establishing the California health insurance exchange -- AB1602 (Perez) and SB900 (Alquist/Steinberg) - making us the FIRST STATE IN THE NATION to take this central step of implementing the new federal health reform law! Several other bills passed as well, and many more are expected to go to a floor vote later this week. To get up-to-date info on all the State implementation and consumer protection bills in the State legislature, visit the website of our lead state partner, Health Access California.

Now it's time to turn our attention to the State Assembly - where two more important consumer protection bills are currently awaiting a vote!

These include SB 1163 (Leno) and SB 890 (Alquist/Steinberg). These two bills will keep the private insurance industry honest by opening up the process to transparency and hold insurance companies more accountable to the public!

Click here to call YOUR State Assemblymember and urge him/her to VOTE YES on SB 1163 and SB 890 to make the insurance industry accountable to consumers!

Both of these bills would bring about dramatic improvements in preventing insurance industry abuse by requiring insurers to be more honest, open and up-front with consumers.

SB 1163 would require insurers to disclose information about how they determine rates and requires their rate filings to be actuarially sound! This legislation would also require insurance companies to notify consumers (in writing) at least 180 days prior to any rate increase or benefit change. Insurance companies would also have to disclose their reasons for any rate changes.

SB 890 would simplify the process of purchasing health coverage by categorizing insurance plans and products based on their actuarial value - allowing consumers to compare the degree of risk they take on with various plan options. This gives consumers much needed information about how much money they may end up spending out of pocket.

Even more, this bill would help prevent instances where individuals believed they were covered by insurance, but later ended up incurring medical debt or worse, losing their savings or their homes as a result of health care costs. It would also require health insurance plans to cover maternity coverage as a standard benefit, and eliminate caps on coverage that otherwise cause individuals with serious illnesses to incur overwhelming medical debt.

Click here to call YOUR State Assemblymember and urge him/her to VOTE YES on SB 1163 and SB 890 to help protect consumers & keep the insurance industry honest!

But we don't have a lot of time! The insurance industry is going to extreme lengths to defeat these critical consumer protection bills!

Please hurry and pick up the phone today! Call your State Assemblymember NOW and ask him/her to support these critical consumer protection bills!

After you call your State Assemblymember, let us know how it went. Your feedback will help us know where our elected officials stand on these extremely important issues!

Click here to send a call-back report to HCAN-California!

Passing these State implementation and consumer protection bills is imperative for ensuring that Californians get the most out of the new federal health law. We appreciate your dedication and support as we continue to work to implement and improve the new law to ensure California gets the best health care possible!

To your health,

Health Care for America Now - California!
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