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Friday, August 13, 2010

So Who is REALLY against Health Care Reform????




Tomorrow, more than 1,000 insurance lobbyists and over-paid executives will invade Seattle in an effort to pressure the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) to undercut important new rules intended to control costs and make health insurance more affordable for working families and small businesses. The insurance lobbyists will be met by scores of activists, because the stakes in this fight are too high.

The HMO and insurance industries have spent a breathtaking $769 million since 2007 to influence federal public policy and elected officials.1 And in the subsequent months since the passage of the new health law, they have not let up. They're now trying to undermine the law with intense pressure on state officials to water down the federal provisions and interfere with their implementation.2

Click here and fight back against the insurance industry's army of lobbyists.

As we all know, the insurance industry mounted a massive campaign to defeat health care reform and maintain their stranglehold on our health care. But thanks to your continued efforts - they lost!  Now they are turning their attention to undermining the new law so they can continue their obscene profiteering, their unconscionable denials of care and their shameless practice of giving CEOs jaw-dropping pay packages.

The insurance companies are coordinating a lobbying assault on regulators in order to water down reform! We must stop them!  

Click here and stand up with our activists.  Don't let the insurance companies' lobbyists water down reform.

The amount of money riding on the outcome of this battle is huge. If the new law had been on the books in 2009, the six largest insurance companies would have been required to refund $1.9 billion for last year alone because of over charges.3  And unlike federal lobbying disclosure rules, health insurance companies aren't required to reveal what they are spending to influence state insurance commissioners, but the numbers are almost unbelievable!

Demand that the insurance companies disclose their massive lobbying expenditures. The public has a right to know how much they're spending to protect their excessive profits and outrageous CEO pay.

We said it before: If the insurance companies win, WE lose! And even though we may not be in Seattle, we can still do our part in this fight to hold the insurance industry accountable by demanding that they disclose their lobbying spending of the NAIC and other state officials.  Their unbridled efforts to protect the status quo must be stopped.

Here in California - we know better than most just how far the private insurance industry is willing to go to get what it wants. And that's why we have to take action now, and demand the insurance industry be held accountable and disclose how much money it spends to influence policy that protects THEIR profits against the people!

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